Our Curriculum

Our program provides a climate for physical growth and intellectual stimulation. We will use the exciting new version of the proven curriculum to develop each child’s language arts, math, and reading skills.

Our students have the chance to explore a wide variety of activities through our extended programs to fit what each student wants to know and wants to learn, such as music programs, group activities, field trips, art projects, science, reading, and social studies studies, and multicultural education, and much more – each program consisting of an educational emphasis.
Overview of the program included in our curriculum is as follows

  • Reading:
  • Becoming familiar with books and print. earning the ABC’s, writing his/her name, developing good listening habits, and classifying object and pictures as a part of child’s preparation for reading
  • Mathematics:
  • Matching, comparing orders, grouping, counting, recognizing and writing numbers, weights, and shapes. All previously stated will be covered in our pre-mathematics program as some of our math concepts.
  • Art:
  • Craft work, painting, hand-prints, making collages and storybooks, learning and singing educational songs, etc.
  • Physical Development:
  • Offering a variety of games, relays, and body movement activities to music.
  • Social Studies:
  • Sharing, playing together, helping one another, working together, learning etiquette and learning to accept each other’s differences. All of these stated will be emphasied as some of the aspect of our program